5 Star Recruit Forced to Retire From Football! (What Happened to Jaelan Phillips?)

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Former 5 star recruit Jaelan Phillips was forced to retire from football a few years ago. This is the story of his miraculous comeback.

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  • isthatbre


    Օր առաջ

    Bruh, we definitely got some handsome men ALL over this one. FlemLo you and Ol boy you’re covering here... y’all FYE! Just SAYING. I’m also totally a girl so don’t TRIP I just like Batman lol. The Jaelan guy MOST importantly however really does seem like a great young man. His story was cool, you’ve yet again given us ANOTHER excellent video as always. You definitely provide quality work and entertainment, it doesn’t go unnoticed. We see you out chea. You’re hands down my FAVORITE football YouTube person. You’ve been teaching me about football for quite a WHILE and I like how you do it in a way I can ACTUALLY understand it and keep up with you guys that know everything about it. I’m never like LOST watching you or anything I appreciate you for that. You have a gift man, you’re amazing at what it is you do. You’re an awesome guy and I’m continuing to wish you nothing but the best moving forward and we’re all enjoying watching you grow and welcoming more and more well deserved and hard earned success.

  • Jacob Israel

    Jacob Israel

    2 օր առաջ

    He looks like the andre the giant character on "young rock"

  • Dustin Matthews

    Dustin Matthews

    2 օր առաջ

    Hopefully he has a long career in Miami, without anymore injuries.

  • Edison Dinwayo

    Edison Dinwayo

    2 օր առաջ

    The boy is in the NFL now

  • dleddy14


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  • La Fama

    La Fama

    3 օր առաջ

    miami coaches will put him into tackling drills he will get better at tackling without his helmet any good coach would and miami has lots of them FINS UP 2021

  • Christopher Thiess

    Christopher Thiess

    4 օր առաջ

    Wow I hope he does good with the Dolphins

  • D Joc

    D Joc

    4 օր առաջ

    Dude got drafted to the Dolphins! Miami is where he was meant to be... Awesome story! Looking forward to see what he does in the NFL.

  • S S

    S S

    4 օր առաջ

    He’s putting Redlands on the map!

  • Jose Rodrigues

    Jose Rodrigues

    5 օր առաջ

    Good shit flemlo. Been hearing his stuff lately on different videos. He always has my ears wanting to here more. Does a good job telling players history makes me feel connected. Good shit Flemlo.

  • RaS Nakim

    RaS Nakim

    5 օր առաջ

    Bro, it's these stories that make me ga to sleep at night knowing I'll wake up ok, I still got a few months of recovery from a back surgery, but I know I'll be ok. Be that apex predator again. Much love Flemlo

  • pdxphinfan 4life

    pdxphinfan 4life

    6 օր առաջ


  • FloridaMan2019


    6 օր առաջ

    Im here as a Dolphins fan not knowing the story of the guy. well done FlemLo.

  • Red Barron

    Red Barron

    7 օր առաջ

    so crazy i watched this video just because i was bored when it came out and my miami dolphins drafted him in the first round, now i kinda feel attached to the guy lol

  • Mathias2278


    7 օր առաջ

    Frank gore and his 80 year career ? 😂 😂 😂

  • Mathias2278


    7 օր առաջ

    I’m just here after he got drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the draft! I hope he does well in his career!!

  • DR SensuBean

    DR SensuBean

    7 օր առաջ

    You do realize we got to steal at 18 with him cuz if he would have never had those concussions he would have went top two top three

  • Micah 4:1

    Micah 4:1

    8 օր առաջ

    Flemlo do you even use current or do you have an actual bank

  • Willie Molina

    Willie Molina

    8 օր առաջ

    Flemlo great video great story we picked him I hope he pans out.

  • 5keenon


    8 օր առաջ

    The dolphins drafted him this year in the first round !! This is awesome 👏🏾

  • Mark Metts

    Mark Metts

    8 օր առաջ

    And now he is a Dolphin.

  • Gary Stewart

    Gary Stewart

    8 օր առաջ

    Comeback complete man's a Dolphin

  • Some Guy

    Some Guy

    9 օր առաջ

    If this dude is as good as he is in college in the NFL this shit gonna be made into a movie

  • Kenyon Smith

    Kenyon Smith

    9 օր առաջ

    Jaelan is from my hometown, Redlands. Just got taken with the 18th pick overall by the Miami Dolphins.... Pretty cool story!

  • Maurcus J

    Maurcus J

    9 օր առաջ

    Let's go!!! Staying in MIAMI BABY!!! I LOVE this pick, I am rooting SOO HARD for this kid!

  • Jeffrey Ruttibaker

    Jeffrey Ruttibaker

    9 օր առաջ

    No 18 overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Such a crazy story. I'm a Jets fan, but can say with 100% confidence, I'll be rooting for him to succeed on The Dolphins

  • F D

    F D

    9 օր առաջ

    What happened to Jaelan Phillips? 🐬🐬🐬

  • Kevin Nebeker

    Kevin Nebeker

    9 օր առաջ

    Now he’s a first round pick. Such a cool story!

  • Ashley Scott

    Ashley Scott

    9 օր առաջ


  • DV


    10 օր առաջ

    From this to being a first round draft pick back in Miami with the dolphins .
    What a story !💪🏽

  • Lul Sko

    Lul Sko

    10 օր առաջ

    18th pick in the draft

  • Willie BCN Fa sho

    Willie BCN Fa sho

    10 օր առաջ

    A flemlo it's time for an update on the guy truly a miracle dream that came true. First round draft pick. Crazy story.

  • Logjam


    10 օր առաջ




    10 օր առաջ

    He's going to Miami

  • 123 4

    123 4

    10 օր առաջ

    18th pick of 2021 NFL draft pick..new Miami Dolphin

  • James Gilmore

    James Gilmore

    10 օր առաջ

    And he went 18th in the draft. Awesome story.

  • Danny Walters

    Danny Walters

    10 օր առաջ

    Just scared he gon have really really bad CTE. No one knows bout his child hood injury and might have it already. Ik he’s great at football but looking at him especially his eyes idk if it’s me but he looks off. I hope he has a good career or whatever but just hope he isn’t the next one to kill himself.

    • Danny Walters

      Danny Walters

      10 օր առաջ

      People don’t realize how serious that shit really is can chemically reengineer who you are as person for the worse.



    10 օր առաջ

    I’m a huge UCLA fan. Phillips was my favorite player when he came to Westwood. When he left I lost respect for him because I didn’t know why he left. But after hearing this story I gained 100% respect back for him. I wish u luck in the NFL Jaelan and Go Bruins!!!

  • Pierre Jolicoeur

    Pierre Jolicoeur

    10 օր առաջ

    Damn Miami went on to smash Florida State. That hurts, but it a great pick by the Phins.

  • Michael Lazaro

    Michael Lazaro

    10 օր առաջ

    Congrats to Jaelan for getting drafted 18th overall to the Fins last night!

  • Nelson Lovett

    Nelson Lovett

    10 օր առաջ

    Glad to see he got drafted by the Dolphins with there 18th pick

  • Levi Soto

    Levi Soto

    11 օր առաջ

    I played with him in highschool great guy on and off the field

  • Curtis Gatson III

    Curtis Gatson III

    11 օր առաջ

    This man got drafted! Stay bless FlemLo

  • wassup cuh

    wassup cuh

    11 օր առաջ

    Who's here after he got drafted?

  • Eddy D

    Eddy D

    11 օր առաջ

    And now he’s a Miami Dolphin.

  • braydon girard

    braydon girard

    11 օր առաջ

    And now he’s a First round draft pick!!

  • ACE 7TM

    ACE 7TM

    11 օր առաջ

    Ngl him returning to the game just makes it so much more inspirational

  • rock383


    11 օր առաջ

    Watching this after Miami drafted him.

  • Steven OVO_XO

    Steven OVO_XO

    11 օր առաջ

    He drafted by the dolphins

  • Deven Ness007

    Deven Ness007

    11 օր առաջ

    Bro he just got drafted like real deal

  • Daniel Espinoza

    Daniel Espinoza

    11 օր առաջ

    Who else is watching this after the Draft

  • Douglass Vann

    Douglass Vann

    11 օր առաջ

    Miami just drafted him 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • AProc891


    11 օր առաջ

    Miami is my team thanks for info been loving your channel keep up the grind

  • CloudZ


    11 օր առաջ

    Happy the dolphins grabbed him, he looks like a beast!

  • UNS_Naz


    11 օր առաջ

    Who here after he a first round pick love too see it

  • Kcmtmm


    11 օր առաջ

    and as of today, this man is now a first round pick in the NFL draft!

  • ToxSic Paranormal

    ToxSic Paranormal

    11 օր առաջ

    He just got drafted.

  • Desert Guy

    Desert Guy

    11 օր առաջ

    Movie coming in ten years calling it now.

  • MajinxKing


    11 օր առաջ

    Now he’s a first round pick 😎

  • David Howard

    David Howard

    11 օր առաջ

    Fins Up baby!!! Looking forward to watching this young man play this year!

  • Some Guy

    Some Guy

    11 օր առաջ

    I hope he finds success with the Dolphins!

  • Benjamin Hart

    Benjamin Hart

    11 օր առաջ

    Now to the Dolphins lets go!

  • William Gardner

    William Gardner

    11 օր առաջ

    From to college retirement to 18th pick in draft. Congrats to this dude!

  • Sam Thompson

    Sam Thompson

    11 օր առաջ

    If you watch but don’t sub , that soft. This man deserves more subs

  • Squidward Tennisballs

    Squidward Tennisballs

    11 օր առաջ

    Who’s here after he got drafted 1st round??

  • Truman Stillwell

    Truman Stillwell

    11 օր առաջ

    Who here after he just got drafted by the dolphins?

  • RichardSot0


    11 օր առաջ

    Just got drafted right now !

  • Kenny Simeone

    Kenny Simeone

    11 օր առաջ

    Jaelan Phillips goin to Dolphins. So happy it worked out in the end. Mans gonna tear it up there!

  • Miles Kelley

    Miles Kelley

    11 օր առաջ

    I’m just back to say congrats to the young man for overcoming all that and becoming a 1st round pick. And he gets to stay in Miami.

  • El Jefe

    El Jefe

    11 օր առաջ

    Came here to say congrats to this player on being selected this draft. He had a hell of a ride to this moment

  • Angel Valerio

    Angel Valerio

    11 օր առաջ

    Ayyy he just got drafted to Miami

  • Arkham Dingus

    Arkham Dingus

    11 օր առաջ

    Here after he got drafted by the Dolphins! What a story

  • Beastmode26


    11 օր առաջ

    Who’s here after he got drafted to the dolphins

  • Lj Bara

    Lj Bara

    11 օր առաջ

    FIRST ONE CONGRATS MY GUY MAKING HIS WAY BACK TO RD 1. Dolphins got a steal!!!!!!

  • Matt


    11 օր առաջ

    Watching the draft right now and they are talking him up. Knew he sounded familiar then remembered the video you did on him.

  • Lil Peep

    Lil Peep

    11 օր առաջ

    Now he went 18th overall in the first round!!!

  • Nikola Jokic

    Nikola Jokic

    11 օր առաջ

    Who's here after he got drafted by the dolphins

  • Bosstank Productions

    Bosstank Productions

    11 օր առաջ


  • Mr. Person

    Mr. Person

    11 օր առաջ

    Well he just got drafted

  • Corey _

    Corey _

    11 օր առաջ

    He just got drafted at pick 18. He’s been on a long journey.

  • bear burke

    bear burke

    11 օր առաջ

    Dude just got drafted! First round.

  • Ricky Hadou

    Ricky Hadou

    11 օր առաջ

    Update: he got drafted first round to the Miami Dolphins. Hell of a comeback story

  • S7 Cities

    S7 Cities

    11 օր առաջ

    Just like that he is staying in Miami.. Great video

  • AKB


    11 օր առաջ

    He really overcame his injuries to get drafted in first round Congrats to him

  • Tysen Moen

    Tysen Moen

    11 օր առաջ

    He just got drafted

  • Xander Richardson

    Xander Richardson

    11 օր առաջ


  • Noah Goeting

    Noah Goeting

    11 օր առաջ

    I went to summer school with this fool and he was taking ap micro biology... in the summer time, this guy knew who he was gonna be special.

  • Sam Hens

    Sam Hens

    11 օր առաջ

    God bless him man. Wish nothing but successes... thats one hell of a journey.

  • Chris Walker

    Chris Walker

    11 օր առաջ

    If that ain't the definition of bad luck I don't know what is he was a good player but all this was just a sign that the sport just wasn't for him he has another calling on his life.

  • James Murray IV

    James Murray IV

    12 օր առաջ

    Check out Journey Brown. Just broke PSU staring lineup at RB. All I'm going to say is 722 years and 10TDs in 1 game. Game is on youtube. Star champ I. Track too

  • Brian Cook

    Brian Cook

    12 օր առաջ

    He’s a damn good football player would love to have him

  • Scarletbull


    13 օր առաջ

    Not worth the risk selecting Phillips in the 1st Rd or 2nd Rd IMO. Unless, it’s the Bucs. A thirsty Edge Rusher team should stay away from both Canes Edge Rushers. One sucks & the other is prone to injury.
    2:26 ... 13:07 & 13:12 “They” got you flashing The Baphomet 🤟& the 666 👌hand signs huh? You must be caking for you to be throwing up occult Masonic hand signs. Dancing with the devil. 💃 👿

  • Molinas Barbershop

    Molinas Barbershop

    13 օր առաջ

    Ayy Lo you stupid with that Frank Gore 80 year commit I’m weak FOR REAL FOR REAL ..!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Captain Raider

    Captain Raider

    13 օր առաջ

    Kid played for the same high school football team I did I'm rooting for him

  • Frank Capri

    Frank Capri

    13 օր առաջ

    Another great vid, Flemlo is one of my favorite you tubers.

  • Riley Klaer

    Riley Klaer

    13 օր առաջ

    Bro flem I heard he quit from football. I didn’t think he retired I thought he quit

  • SpvceMob


    14 օր առաջ

    we need him and leveon bell to link up and make some tracks

  • Lick AlottaPuss

    Lick AlottaPuss

    14 օր առաջ


  • 205QUE


    14 օր առաջ

    Flem a talented bro and videos are good ✊🏾but u need to speak on these social injustice issues the climate we are in it’s hard to ignore

  • Justin Pitt

    Justin Pitt

    15 օր առաջ

    Flemo you should do an story on randy Gregory